Sustainability & Ecology policy


From the very beginning sustainability has been at the heart of our business and being eco-friendly is intertwined in the whole running of the glamping site. 

We have a detailed Ecology plan in place which maximises the possible benefits to the flora and fauna of the field that active management can provide.

The five-acre campsite has large un-mown areas of meadow to encourage wildlife such as bees and insects and we leave ample of space for the hedgerows to develop and grow. 

There is a recycling station which separates recyclables, food leftovers and other rubbish with clear signage and instructions.

Three of the onsite toilets are eco composting loos and after processing the compost is used to feed the many fruit trees onsite.

The toilet rolls are made from a sustainable source (bamboo) and their packaging is free of plastic.

Solar panels and a large battery pack provide the majority of the energy used onsite reducing our carbon footprint massively as both a family and as a business.

The fruit and vegetables grown at Gooseberry Field are all grown organically without any nasty chemicals or pesticides.

Lights are kept low as from 22:00 to avoid light pollution to encourage wildlife and let the glampers enjoy the starry night skies.

The fire wood supplied comes either from coppicing our own hedgerow trees or from a local business who source their wood in a sustainable way and the firelighters are eco-friendly, made from wood snippets, old news-papers and beeswax.

Clients are provided with a very complete crockery and food prep set so they don’t have to bring and disposables.

What can you do to help us?

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

  • Make the most of the recycling and have a   moment to read the instructions on what goes where.
  • Please bring re-usable water bottles, the tap water is safe to drink. Water tanks are also provided for that all-important cuppa and for cooking.
  • Disposables bbqs are not allowed on site, please also leave at home as much disposable plastic as possible all needed crockery and cooking equipment is provided.
  • Please don’t bring water balloons and glitter as they are extremely damaging to nature.
  • Be mindful of switching off the taps when doing the dishes/brushing teeth etc.

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